Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ship home goods?

We ship our home goods to the entire U.S. through UPS and USPS. Standard shipping for home goods is a flat rate of $9.

How do you ship furniture?

We ship our furniture to the entire U.S. through a variety of shippers depending on your table’s size, weight, and shipping address. We utilize small, individual shippers whenever possible to ensure that your table arrives undamaged and as soon as possible. We also utilize white glove delivery services. All of our furniture is shipped fully assembled from our Waco woodshop.

We offer FREE shipping on furniture to Texas and surrounding states (New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana).

**Please note that shipping time is not included in the quoted lead time on your order. Shipping time varies based on which services are available, your location, and the items in your order.**

Furniture Shipping Rates:



Anything to TX and surrounding states (NM, OK, AR, and LA)






Table & Bench


Table & 2 Benches



Do you ship internationally?

At this time, we unfortunately do not ship outside of the United States, but we would love to in the future.

What are your standard finishes?

We offer 42 different wood/finish combinations, which can be viewed here. All our finishes are sealed with a clear polyurethane, which protects against normal wear and tear.

Do you make tables other than the options I see on the table pages?

Yes! If you are looking for a table that is more custom than what the table page shows, fill out this form for a quote.

How many people will my table seat?

We typically say to allow 2′ for each chair at your table, however, it depends on the size of the chairs you plan to use. Keep in mind if you use a bench on one or both sides you will be able to fit more people. The diagram below can help get you started on deciding what length works best for you.

What size bench do I need for my table?

If your table has four legs, a bench needs to be one foot shorter than the table to slide underneath. i.e. a 7′ bench will slide under an 8′ table. If your table has a pedestal or trestle base, a bench can be the same length as the table.

Will reclaimed wood furniture last?

Yes. The wood we use may look rough and have imperfections such as nail holes, knots, and dings, but it’s older and harder than anything you’d get from the hardware or big box stores. Because the trees were allowed to grow larger before they were harvested, the grain is tighter and therefore stronger.

Will the finish on my furniture be rough?

No. Though we leave the natural imperfections in the wood, they are sanded smooth and coated with a water-based polyurethane to stand up to normal wear and tear.

How long can you hold my table after it is ready for pickup?

If you are not having your table delivered through out white glove delivery service, we will notify you before it is ready for pickup so you can schedule a trip to our workshop. We try to be as flexible as possible as we understand life happens. Because of ever-changing space constraints, we can only hold your table for up to 3 weeks after your table is complete and pickup is scheduled.

How do I care for my cutting board?

We recommend that you never submerge your board in water. To clean, wipe with a warm damp rag and oil with a food-safe oil. We don't recommend olive oil because it can damage the wood and cause it to go rancid. We have wood balm for purchase if interested (https://harpdesignco.com/products/wood-balm.) After wiping and oiling, stand the board up on its side so it can dry on both sides. 

If your board does warp, there are ways to reverse the warping! This article shows multiple methods https://www.earlywooddesigns.com/blogs/earlywood-llc/how-to-fix-a-warped-cutting-board.  

How do I care for my new furniture?

Indoor furniture requires no special care. Just wipe it down with whatever cleaner you normally use i.e. warm damp rag with soap, Clorox wipes, etc. You just want to be sure to never submerge it in water or let water stand on table for an extended period of time. 

What is your return/exchange policy?

Our return policy can be found on this page.


Please fill out this form, email us at service@harpdesignco.com, or call us at 254.230.2054 if you have any other questions. Our HDC team is happy to help you find the perfect piece for your home!

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