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Mini Round Charcuterie Board Hickory
Regular price $9.00 6 reviews
Mini Round Charcuterie Board Walnut
Regular price $15.00 6 reviews
Mini Rectangular Charcuterie Board Hickory
Regular price $12.00 1 review
Mini Rectangular Charcuterie Board Walnut
Regular price $20.00
HDC Signature Candlesticks White Distressed
Regular price $29.00 - $37.00 241 reviews
HDC Signature Candlesticks Natural
Regular price $24.00 - $32.00 46 reviews
HDC Signature Candlesticks Green Mist
Regular price $29.00 - $37.00
HDC Tablet Holder Hickory
Regular price $31.00 29 reviews
HDC Tablet Holder Walnut
Regular price $36.00 65 reviews
Hickory Phone Home
Regular price $23.00 43 reviews
Walnut Phone Home
Regular price $27.00 36 reviews
HDC Hickory Tapered Rolling Pin
Regular price $40.00 4 reviews
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Our Story

Cultivating togetherness: the vision behind every piece we create.

Our great hope is that each piece of handmade furniture and every small home good cultivates togetherness in your home. It’s more than building furniture for us; it’s building space for family meals, work, art projects, and shared cups of coffee. Everything we create is built to bring you together.

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This product has been discontinued

In order to make room for other great products, this item has been discontinued. Thank you for shopping with Harp Design Co!