Wood Work Winn Episode

What  style was the Winn family going for in their kitchen?
Clint: Well that was all Molly’s style really that she had created in there which was really clean, crisp, and bright. It’s a super functional kitchen and a showpiece of the house. With all the black and white, stone, and metal she had in there, our goal was to warm up the space like she wanted with beautiful wood tones but not overpower the room with lumber!

Kelly: Molly worked with her builder to design her whole house. Ever since I have known her, Molly has always talked about building a dream house from scratch. It was really cool as a friend to get to watch her do that. When she and Adam asked us to be a part of the kitchen, Clint & I felt very honored. We knew how big a project this was for them and Molly loves to bake and cook. I knew she was planning on the kitchen as being the outstanding part of the home. I would describe Molly’s style as industrial, & I really wanted to use warm wood elements and tones to soften her industrial look and the kitchen island did that perfectly.

What were the challenges of making such a large kitchen island?
Clint: The main challenge was getting this just right after all the time and effort Molly had put into the rest of their house! It was so beautifully done and obviously we wanted our piece to fit right in. The shelf we put inside the island also needed to be supported properly so it wouldn’t droop over the course of that lengthy span. Molly gave us some great inspiration for the island and we just worked really hard to make it all come together!
Did you build the island in the shop or at the Winn House?
Clint: We built the main structure at the shop and then finished it out with the shelf and trim at the Winn House. The more you add on to a piece like that the heavier it gets and the harder it is to move. Plus, when you finally set it in place you want to make sure it sits just right on the floor. Once we had it in place we could custom fit all the trim and whatnot to make sure it fit perfectly.

How did you choose the style of the furniture for Brennan’s room?

Clint: Kelly and I had a great time working together on the style for everything in B’s room. We threw a bunch of ideas out there and came up with a fun look. I love the pop of color she added to everything with the futon. I really wanted to taper the  legs on the desk and Kelly wanted to tie the desk in with the bed, so she asked me to mimic the railing from the bed onto the desk and paint it white…she was exactly right, and it tied together really well!

Kelly: So, while Molly knew pretty much exactly what she wanted with the kitchen island, she really let a lot of the details of Brennan’s bed up to us.  At first it was really nerve racking to make sure we created something she really liked since she didn’t give us very many parameters. At the end this was a really fun challenge. We ended up surprising her with this little desk for Brennan as well. Once we thought of the desk for Brennan, it helped me come up with a cohesive design for the bed & the desk. It was fun to create a set of furniture.  At first, I was a bit worried the bed would look kind of random stuck in a young girl’s room. Adding the desk created a design and a cohesive look, that I think matched what Molly was looking for.

 I know that Molly likes Scandinavian style - mixing a lot of wood and white together.. so we started with that. The challenge was we still wanted it to look like a little girls’ room and not too modern.

 When I thought about the railing I wanted to do a custom railing that would give it a more feminine look. We then thought about adding it as a cute little detail for the desk as well, that really completed the cohesive look.

 Tell us about the pull out in the bed?

Clint: Molly and Adam had a feeling Brennan would spend a lot of time hanging in her room and even up in her loft bed, so we wanted to add a little something that would make it a little easier for her to do. We threw in the hidden desk, so she could have a little place to put a laptop or a book or a water bottle!

Why did you have the bed mounted on the wall?
Clint: With a loft bed like that you have to support the bed properly. If it wasn’t mounted into the studs in the wall it would have easily ripped right out of the wall. Drywall anchors are great for some pictures and mirrors and whatnot, but when you talk about something that will be supporting a person you really need to anchor into wood.

Why did you choose White Oak for Brennan’s bed and desk?

Clint: We chose white oak because it played perfectly with the wall paper already hung in B’s room! And we just love white oak!!


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  • Debi young

    Cant wait for show to return! Its been to long!


    Where did you get the stools at the kiTchen island?

  • Tonya Lewis

    Do you know where the swing chair was bought. I would love to get one for my daughters room. Thank you!

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