What the Family Table Means To Us

During the holidays we cook, gather, create and EAT around our tables with the ones we love. It’s the time of the year when the table holds an important role. 
We at Harp Design Co. believe that there is so much more to a table than the wood or the design.
We see the table as an opportunity to connect with loved ones. It’s the space where we gather as a family, or as friends, or as partners, and truly get to know each other. Sharing time around the table with no devices or distractions presents us with the opportunity to learn about each other and grow together. 
It doesn’t matter if your gathering place is the dining room table, the coffee table, or a fold-out card table, tables are a place for gathering and that’s what makes them so special.
No matter what your family looks like, and no matter where you choose to gather, enjoy your time around the table with someone this season.  

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