We Couldn't Have Done It Without Mom

My mom, Debbie, was really a huge help from the beginning of Harp Design Co. In the early days, she would come into town from Kerrville to help with the kids and our house, until we finally convinced her to move to Waco in 2013!

We always say (& its 100% true) that we could never have done it without her! She did everything from helping me source home goods, to managing the shop, to watching kiddos, to doing the books, to shipping when we opened our online shop, to making me lunch while I was working at the shop!

A little known fact is that she actually lived with us for 3 years in our Fixer Upper house! There is a whole suite on the downstairs side of the house with its own living room, bed & bath. Living all together was sometimes challenging, especially when we were all working together too, but it gave us all a deep appreciation for each other & definitely honed our communication skills! We won or lost together & still do ❤️

One of my favorite memories is from a Saturday morning. We were all tag teaming family & business - that was the way it was back then (and still is!). I had taken our middle daughter to a birthday party, Clint was playing super dad at home with the older two kids, and my mom was running the shop, when Laura Bush stopped by! My mom had always been a fan of Mrs. Bush & they got to talk all things west Texas & having daughters at UT around the same time (my sister).

While I was so sad that I missed meeting Mrs. Bush, it made me so happy that our little-business-that-could with all of my mom’s crazy hard work could afford her a cool moment like that. She totally deserved it! 

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. We can't thank you enough for all you do. 

Want to check out Mom's newest project? She helped us pull of a huge renovation project that has now been dubbed "The Harp Cottage" and you can rent it on Airbnb for your next trip to Waco! Click HERE for details on The Harp Cottage. 

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  • Mary burch

    Oh how i love following Our precious kelly garrett and her incredible joutneY, so reading about our friend debbie is extra-special! Much lOve, mary, brian and Gillen, too!

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