The Tones of Fall

As the days start to get slightly shorter and the sweltering summer heat gives way to the chill winds of fall, we welcome the beginning of a new season. Traditionally, this is the time when we swap out those bright summer colors that we had introduced to our decor in recent months, for the warm, earthy tones of fall. After all, it makes sense that your decor would reflect the appearance of nature during this time when leaves are fading from bright green to deep orange or brown. However, if that's not the look that fits your style, don’t fret. You can still embrace fall in all of its cozy glory whether you're bringing in these rich earthy tones, or going with more neutral tones and we will show you how! 

Traditional Fall Tones

Let’s start with the traditional fall look. You can really customize this to fit your home decor style, but as long as you have plenty of brown tones, warm tones, and maybe throw in a pumpkin or two, you’ve got the traditional fall look!  

Wood is the perfect medium for these tones to shine through. From our HDC Pumpkins made from Antique Pine Wood to the new Round Walnut Wood Chargers, this setup is full of the warm and cozy tones of fall that we know and love. 

The Modern Tones of Fall 

If oranges and rich brown tones aren’t your thing, maybe try adding a few subtle fall touches to your normal decor!

This black and white setting is perfect for transitioning through the seasons with a modern touch. Add in some creamy neutral tones along with some dried foliage and you’ve got a subtle fall look that is still warm and welcoming. 

Whether fall means embracing the rich colors from the earth, bringing some steady neutrals into your decor, or sticking with a classic black and white, we hope that the Fall Collection can bring a little warmth, love, and joy into your home this season. Shop The Fall Collection Here 
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