Tamale Friday

Last Friday was not just any normal day. It was Tamale Friday— a new tradition here at Harp. Although Harp Design Co. only has around 25 employees, we are fairly spread out across a few departments and in different buildings— shipping, the office, the shop, the finishing shed, and the storefront.

I took it upon myself to facilitate this Tamale Friday— a brave and intimidating task attempted by few. I called around and let everyone know that it was going down at 12:30pm.

I took orders, collected money and headed to Jesse’s. We are huge fans of Jesse’s Tortilla Factory, which is a Waco family business that has been around since 1958. I placed my order for about 90 tamales, chips and hot sauce.

As I wait on the food to be ready, I get a text from one of our builders that reads “do not mess up my order, Carmen. I am so hungry.” Ever been face-to-face with a hungry woodworker that’s been palm-sanding all day? It is as frightening as it sounds. I double check my order, get the food and head back to the offices.
I place the food on the table and watch the bags get ripped apart as hungry employees search for their half-dozen spicy pork and chicken tamales.

Sigh! Everyone got what they ordered. Mission accomplished.

My favorite part about Tamale Friday is the conversation. The word “hilarious” is an understatement. We gather around our beautiful 10 foot pedestal conference table to tell stories, laugh, and stuff our faces.
I look in one direction and there is a conversation about baby names taking place. “If I had a girl, I’d name her Talulah,” Andrew said under his breath. Who’dah thought? I look in the other direction and our accountant Annie is demonstrating the not-at-all-ridiculous #DiamondChallenge. “Give me your hand. I’m going to tell you how many kids you’ll have,” Annie said as she challenged/forced everyone to place their hand in hers. Laughter erupts at Annie, as usual while we bring our lunch date to a close.

These moments we get to BE together are invaluable and I can confidently speak on behalf of our company when I say that these moments are much needed & greatly appreciated.

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  • Andrea Hawkins

    Love Fixer Upper. Happy to see more entrepReneurs coming AlonG. Terrific Work :)

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