Quick Tabletop Glue Up Tutorial

In case you missed it or don’t have access to Instagram or Facebook, here is the Tabletop Glue Up Tutorial with Clint and Marcus. As promised, we will continue to post the rest of our videos on here with answers to all your questions. Our goal as we continue to film more videos is to help you increase your knowledge in carpentry skills and challenge you to take on new projects using the skills you learn! Be sure to comment or email us ideas of what you would like to see!


When you are using old wood, how to you get straight edges to fit them side by side, evenly?

We find it best to use a joiner to straighten the edges on our tables.

What’s the easiest way to straight edge the boards without power tools?

I can’t say I’ve ever joined boards by hand, but I would imagine popping a strait line along the entire length of the board and then planing with a hand planer will get you close. This is one way, a quick google search may give you even more options.

Do you ever glue a top without using dominos?

If we’re not using dominoes we are most likely using tongue and groove joinery…it’s really what we use most often!

How do you keep the boards from cupping?

Well the first thing you want to do is make sure you use wood with a moisture content suitable for building furniture. 6-8% is wonderful, 8-10% is great as well. Second thing you can do is when you line your boards up, alternate the end grains to where they are opposite. Think of it like this…if the first boards end grain is arched like a “u” then make sure the one next to it is arched in the opposite direction like a “n”. Basically boards have a tendency to cup in the direction of their grain, so if you alternate them then they will work against each other which helps prevent cupping.

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