4 Ways to Maximize Your Small Spaces

Two to 3 times a year, our sales associates get together with our creative director to come up with a theme and redo our storefront. This Spring's theme is bright, airy, and rich with deep greens, black and white textiles, and color "pops" of pastel blues, pinks, and yellows. The challenge with the store-redo is maximizing our space and making sure we can fit as many displays as possible without making it feel cramped.

Our storefront, located at 808 N. 15th St., Waco, TX, is only about 850 square feet so it's a puzzle to maximize on our space. Challenge accepted! Here's how we do it:

1. We go high!

We use our wall space by building shelves and place products going up the wall. Doing this makes the ceiling look higher and frees up floor space.

2. We don't skimp on furniture.

We like to keep a minimum of 6 Harp Design Co. dining room tables in the storefront. Weird right? If we did skimp, there'd be much more walking room and it would actually make the room feel smaller. 

3. We have an accent wall.

According to the Architectural Digest, an accent wall helps your eyes "do the math and sort out the visual chaos" that comes with multiple pieces in a small space. 

4. The other 3 walls are white

The light that spills through the windows bounces off the walls and makes the room look brighter, therefore making the space feel larger and aluminate all the wall decor in the room. 



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  • Maggie Williamson

    Love your store. Thank you for the tips and recipes. Love you all. God bless you all abundantly. Loved Clint’s book.

  • Carol

    What a beautiful job of decorating the store. Makes me wish I could just drop by! But Iowa is kind of snowed in right now! Thanks for sharing the pictures.


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