Mother's Day Watercolor Workshop at Harp

This year for Mother’s Day we decided to do something special here at Harp. We  wanted to give Mothers the opportunity to express their creativity, shop, and have some fun on a day that is meant to celebrate them. A Watercolor Workshop at Harp Design Co. seemed like the perfect fit!
With pastries and paint brushes in hand, all of the women in attendance conquered a floral water color together while spending some quality time with friends and family. It was truly inspirational to see all of the different interpretations of the water colors being brought to life. There was no right or wrong paintings, just creativity and a whole lot of fun. 
We enjoyed hosting so many beautiful and talented women in our store this Mother’s Day. It was a true delight to see them coming together to celebrate each other and enjoy some painting. 
If you would like to recreate your own floral water color, here are the steps our workshop attendees followed. A huge thank you to Skye Barak for putting these steps together and for hosting this workshop with us. 
Step by Step for Watercolor Painting 
1. Paint the basic shapes of the 5 flowers 
        - Use circular strokes 
        - Push pigment to edge of the shape for a sharp look 
2. Add a second layer of darker strokes to define petals 
        - Wait for bottom layer to dry 
        - Paint strokes from center outward 
        - Repeat until desired definition is achieved 
3. Add purple and green elements 
        - To easily paint leaves, begin stroke with tip of brush on the paper.
          As you paint the stroke press the body of the brush onto paper and then bring brush back to tip 
        - Remember have fun! Any approach you choose is the right one 
4. Add yellow elements 
        - Small dots in center of pink flowers 
        - Yellow flower achieved by painting small dots 
        - Add any more details you desire until you think you’re done 
What other types of events would you like to see Harp Design Co. host? Let us know in the comments!

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      • Susan Brush

        My DAUGHTER and i came to your mothers fay watercolor workshop wHich we enjoyed. I am a watercolor in FORT WORTH and would love to host a workshop with you.

      • Gerrell I Hicks sr

        I enjoyed watching HARP on HGTV it is a blessing to watch has Army veteran it’s blessed to be here in the land of the living
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