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Written by Carmen Bridgewater

In October, Josh joined the HDC team and it was like he was here all along. With his extensive graphic design skills and knowledge of woodworking, he sprung right into action creating new products. Josh and his wife, Terra moved to Waco earlier this year after being camp directors in Glen Rose, Texas. 

The Nordic Trees, a concept originally dreamt up by Mat Crawford (HDC’s Director of Production), were Josh’s first project to complete from beginning to end.

As you probably know, our small goods craftspeople create new products throughout the year. They also sometimes work together to create a product and perfect its design, ease, and practicality. The Nordic Trees were a big hit with Kelly Harp as she loves the modern and minimalistic style of Scandinavian designs.The trees are two flat pieces that are assembled by holding the base vertical to a table top and inserting the pointy-top piece in the carveout. 


" I was welcomed by the HDC family immediately and really enjoy working along side other talented creatives. I had a lot of fun completing this project. "


The Nordic Trees are made from a few different types of wood. We are offering them in walnut (dark brown), antique pine (the orange color), and maple (the lightest of the bunch.) Josh decided not to do a sealing poly on the trees and instead, went with a wood conditioner so the wood would retain it's vibrant colors, just as real trees are naturally vibrant.

That also means that every time you pull out your Nordic Trees and other Christmas decorations, if they are a little dull, as wood tends to do over time, you can add a little wood conditioner and return them to their original state.

What do the bosses say?

It’s one of my greatest joys seeing other people letting out the unique creative energy inside of them, and to see it happening every day at Harp Design Co is most certainly a dream come true.”

Clint Harp, Owner of Harp Design Co.

"After talking with Mat and Josh for literally 2 minutes, they hit my style spot on. The trees are incredible and I already have a set in our home. They are the first thing guests notice when they walk in."

Kelly Harp, Owner of Harp Design Co.


Handcrafted in Waco, Texas at Harp Design Co. with love 
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