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How to Wrap that One Gift that Everyone Wants at the Gift Exchange Party

You know that gift. The first person to choose a gift picks up yours and the second person steals it!

In order to wrap the perfect gift, we will need a few supplies. We found all of our supplies at local craft stores and in nature. We are going to need the following:

Step 1: prep your paper

Lay your wrapping paper on a flat surface and place your gift box upside-down on top of the paper. Cut enough paper to wrap around the box. After cutting, crease the ends that have been cut. If you didn't cut a perfectly straight line, no worries! The crease will help you out.

purchase wrapping paper with gridlines so you can cut as straight as possible.

crease the edges for a clean straight line

Step 2: tuck each end in

Your gift should currently be wrapped on 4 sides with 2 open ends. To close the open ends, press the top of the paper inward, creating a 45° angle on each side and crease the flaps. Pinch the center of the 45° and bring it inward creating another 45° angle against the table, on both sides. Fold the flap up and tape it to the box. Repeat this process on the other side of the box.

press sides inward

pinch center of 45° angle and fold inward

fold last flap up and tape

Step 3: dress it up!

Time for the fun part! Use whatever fun ribbon or jute you'd like to tie around the box. When tying your bow, you may need to borrow your gift-wrapping-partner's finger to hold the ribbon tight while you make your bunny ears. If your gift-wrapping-partner grabbed the plate of cookies to go eat in peace, you can just tie a knot and then make your bunny ears.

tie jute or ribbon around the box one or both ways.

Step 4: add some shrubs

Grab your scissors and head to the great outdoors (or your backyard) to snip some greenery off your shrubs. Even if your neighbor's bushes are greener and lusher than yours, still only cut from the plants that belong to you. After all, Mr. and Mrs. Next Door just got their shrubs trimmed and will be able to tell if you cut a hunk out of their perfectly square bush!

Step 5: add on that cute to: from: tag

Add your favorite to: from: Holiday Harp Sticker from your sticker sheet.


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Carmen Bridgewater

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  • stephanie sugar

    We are opening a new medical office..all under way right now. I need to find pencil/pen holders and business card holders for the front desk check in areas? Do you make anything like this? Thanks for answering my little email.

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