HDC Decorative Arrows

These decorative arrows are designed and handcrafted by Kelly Harp and Kristin Crawford, two of our very own on the Harp Design Co team. With growing popularity in the shop, they make the perfect touch to any room. We’ve even had some customers leave feedback that they are using them to lead and point visitors to different rooms in their homes..how fun! Our goal with this product is to inspire people to find their passions and follow the paths that lead them there. We truly hope our customers can go their own way and that these arrows are representative of that. Click here for more information!

Thanks for joining us on this journey,

Demi Hodam & The Team at Harp Design Co

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Handmade in Texas



Sold Out

This product has been discontinued

In order to make room for other great products, this item has been discontinued. Thank you for shopping with Harp Design Co!