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This Labor Day we would like to celebrate our team and all of the hard work that has been put into making Harp Design Co. what it is today. We would not be where we are now without the help of some extraordinary people who were willing to give it their all and put in the work to take this company to the next level. 

Clint and Britt in the Shop Circa 2015  

It all started with Clint and Kelly Harp taking a leap of faith to start their own business. Eventually, Clint was in the market to hire someone to help him in the shop. That’s when Britt came along and agreed to help him despite the uncertainty and struggles that come with working in a new business. 


After orders picked up and it was clear that even more help would be needed in the shop, a few more people were added onto the team. 


Now, several years later, we have seen the company grow into something that Clint and Kelly could have never imagined. Through the hard work and dedication of our team we have reached new heights and we will keep growing with their help. 


We have seen quite a few people come and go from our team, but we are certain that every one of them has added to the success of Harp Design Co. and we are endlessly grateful for these amazing people who put their time and energy into making us better. 

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  • Nancy Fudge

    From what I have seen through the years of your work, done for Clint and Jo, It is true art. So glad you are able to do what you love, it shows in your work.
    I wish we were able to get the channel your show is on. I was so excited about it and looked forward to seeing what you did.
    Best wishes in the future

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