Family Promise | Helping Sandy Create The Home of Her Dreams

Meet Sandy and Ashley. Ten years ago, Sandy left her troubled marriage. Using what money she could scrape together, Sandy checked into a motel with her teenage daughter, Ashley. They were homeless for the next two and a half years. Ashley was in High School so they made daily trips to the local library so that she could get her homework done. Fortunately, Sandy was able to get back on her feet with the help of Family Promise and they now have their own apartment! ⁠

We wanted to help Sandy and Ashley transform their new space into something that truly felt like home, something that reflected who they were and their style. We knew that their favorite way to spend quality time together was by watching movies, so rather than a family dining table, we made them a custom coffee table that fit their needs perfectly! We had also heard that Sandy was working on some personal projects at home with no home office space, so we also gave her a desk to create a home office space just for her!⁠



This year, Ashley graduated from college, and Sandy now works to provide housing for others in need. We are so grateful to have met these wonderful women, and to have been able to play a small part in turning their house into a home. Thank you, Sandy and Ashley, for all you do for others facing homelessness, and thank you to Family Promise for helping so many families around the country find a place to call home. If you would like to donate to Family Promise, please visit 



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