Family Art Project with HDC Birch Letters

It can be difficult to find activities for the whole family to enjoy together. It can be even more difficult to find an activity that is appealing enough for the kids to pull themselves away from the screens!
While brainstorming indoor activities for the family, the Harps saw an opportunity for a family art project in the new HDC Birch Letters
While we think that these letters look great on their own, the Harp family just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have some quality time together creating their own custom painted letters! 
Using a little painters tape helped to add some fun designs, and it was so easy for the kids to use. Everyone had their own unique idea for their design. 
The girls used all of the colors, Kelly went with some classic black dots for hers, and everyone shared what they had in mind for their finished product while they worked. 
The paint was spilled, the kids got messy, and A LOT of fun was had together. 
In the end, everyone had a letter to hang on their wall that was all their own! The kids were all very happy with their creative work, and Clint and Kelly were happy to have found a family activity that everyone could enjoy! 
You can purchase your HDC Birch Letters Here for your own family art project! 

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