Distressing Tutorial

Here are some tips from Clint and Riley on distressing! We hope this helps you with your next project!

I just jumped on here, what grit sand paper are you using? We use 120 when we distress. However, if you want to distress a lot and make it look really rough, then use a rougher grit like 80 or 120.

Does it matter what type of paint? And paint finish-matte, eggshell? We use a water based paint and primer in one with a satin finish. At the end of the day…you can use whatever you like! Experiment, you never know what new look you might come up with!

Is the stain oil base or water base, and what is the paint…water base or oil? Oil based stain, water based paint.

What do you do about stain bleeding through the white paint, even two coats? We use a paint and primer in one and that keeps the stain from bleeding through for us! Also we wipe off our stain when we apply it so it’s not too thick of a coat.

What’s a good clear coat to finish it with? We use a water based polyurethane with a satin finish.

Do you use latex paint or chalk paint? latex

Do you put a finish coat on? Not on our candlesticks, but yes on our tables

Where’s Britt? Britt was out with his newborn baby for this tutorial! But he’ll be back for our next tutorial on “planing”

How about a video on joinery? We have done some and we’re going to do more!

Oil or latex paint over stain? Assume oil? We put latex paint over oil based stain and it works great for us!

Thanks for tuning in,

Clint Harp

& The Team at Harp Design Co

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