Thank you to everyone who submitted their beautiful work to #checkitoutclint! It has been truly amazing and fun to see all of the incredible things being made out there by so many talented people. I wish I could show off every single entry, but for this first edition of #checkitoutclint here are three of my favorites! (if you’d like to see all of the entries log on to Instagram and search the hashtag #checkitoutclint

1. @KARANANNE (Karan Anne) – I love that a husband and wife team said “hey we’d love to have something really cool in our house, but we can’t afford it…so let’s just make it!!” THAT IS AWESOME! I love the table. It’s incredible. Brick pallets. Reclaimed. Texture and grain. So amazing.
And how about that LIGHT FIXTURE!!!! Incredible. I love the fact that they found sticks in their yard and made a light. Keep it up Karan and hubby. Y’all make incredible things.

2. @RACHELMNUNN (Rachel) – Making a tall curved headboard isn’t easy (trust me I’ve tried : ), but these two make it look simple! It’s so cool to me when people know they want something but can’t necessarily have it, or at least not right away…so they just go out and figure another way. This bed is awesome with it’s height, it’s jigged out curves, and vertical slats. I love the natural finish bringing out the different tones. And tucked over on the side check out that night stand! I love the wood and metal together!! Make something else you guys…you’re great at it!


3. @PALLETHOUSEFURNISHINGS – I love what these guys are doing out of OH! When I started building furniture full time it was nothing but pallets. I couldn’t afford to buy wood. So it was pallets. Tearing apart pallets. Non. Stop. It’s hard work, and these guys are doing it. As the folks at Pallet House Furnishings have found, there is a lot of wood out there just going to waste. I absolutely love that these guys are taking all that wood and making something beautiful, something that will last and tell a story, and something that they can be proud of! Check them out at www.pallethousefurnishings.com


Thank you again to everyone who submitted an entry to #checkitoutclint! We will do this again so please stay tuned.

Keep building. Keep dreaming. Stay inspired. Don’t give up. And by all means, if you find some old wood about to be trashed, burned, or just left for dead…go get it and make it into something beautiful.


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  • Melanie Nelson

    I saw the tale end of a show that clint had made a murphy bed (I call it a murhy bed, it fold up into the wall and looks like a desk). it was beautiful, is there a pattern to buy for this bed

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