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If you missed our LIVE periscope yesterday don’t worry because it’s posted below for you to watch whenever you’d like. We’re going to start posting more tutorials like this one so you guys can see how things are done around here at HDC and hopefully help give those of you interested in woodworking a place to start. We hope you enjoy getting an inside look into our shop and don’t be scared to ask questions because we’re going to follow up each periscope by blogging about it and answering the questions that were missed in the video. A huge thank you to all our followers for the constant support! Here are the answers to all the questions you guys asked:


How long have you been doing this? Clint started turning in the Summer of 2011 so it has been 4 and a half years.

What kind of lathe does Clint currently use? Clint uses the 12in. X 33-3/8 in. 3/4 HP Wood Lathe with Reversible Head that he got from Harbor Freight. He spent around $300 on his, but you can easily spend 10 times that and everything between.

Speed Control? For harder woods, such as oak and pecan, the higher the speed, the better. In the tutorial Clint was using medium speed on pine.

Headphones for protection? Although not used in the video, Clint does encourage you to use headphones. It is based on your own judgement, but for harder woods he definitely wears his headphones and recommends you do the same.

Does Clint have a copier for the lathe? No he doesn’t have a copy jig. He uses measurements and does it all by his eyes and hands.

Any wood better than others? Popler and pine are the best for beginners. Hard woods, such as oak, are going to be more of a struggle, but they turn out really beautiful. Clint wouldn’t recommend Douglas Fir but other than that he would suggest any other wood. Start off with something easy but then challenge yourself with the hard woods, they’re fun!

Is that how you turn table legs? Yes. The only difference is that after he rounds out the blank, he stops and writes the measurements. We will do our tutorial next week on turning a table leg so you guys can see how he does it first hand.

Good set of chisels you suggest starting with? Clint got his set from Harbor Freight for between $60-70. He got the most inexpensive set he could find and just got used to them. Just like with the lathe, there are numerous different routes you could go.

Is Clint getting his own show? Yes! He and Kelly spent 12 days in September shooting two 3o minute specials. They did two backyards and the show will air sometime in the Spring. The name of the show is TBA but we promise to announce it all over our social media as soon as we find out!!

Do you have a shop? Yes we have a storefront filled with numerous handmade items and curated goods from some of Kelly’s favorite places. We are located at 808 N 15th St Waco, Tx 76707 and are open Monday through Saturday 10-5.

You should do a giveaway with the candlestick you’re making right now… SURPRISE! We’ve decided to do a giveaway for this candlestick! To enter into the drawing head over to our instagram account (@harpdesignco) and follow the steps to be entered. The winner will be chosen Friday morning!


Thanks for joining us on this journey,
Demi Hodam & The Team at Harp Design Co

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