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Here at Harp Design Co., we are inspired by our theme for the season: Purpose-Fall. We are always looking for ways to bring friends and family together to enjoy quality time together that is intentional and meaningful. While nights are still warm and the sun stays up a little later, we’re moving our gatherings outdoors.
We believe outdoor dinner parties should be casual, easy, and no-fuss. Of course...that’s easier said than done. That’s why we’re preparing you with a few simple steps to get your next tablescape ready in no time!
1. Height: The foundation of every good tablescape is variation in height.
Tip: Use wood slices and pedestals to lift some items up
2. Life: Echo your surroundings and bring plants onto the table. The natural movement of the plants will bring your table to life!
Tip: Succulents are a fool proof way to keep plants around with minimal maintenance--use them again and again!
3. Ambiance: Every dinner party needs candles.
Tip: Achieve height and mood lighting by incorporating candlesticks of different heights
4. Texture: Mix up the texture to bring variety!
Tip: Add burlap, glass vases, wood candlesticks, exposed bark, and linen napkins to bring interest

Height, life, ambiance, and texture will bring your table together each time you entertain! By keeping these points in mind, you can naturally create a tablescape that feels natural and eclectic. That way, you can focus more of your time on those around you - the true purpose of your outdoor dinner party!

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  • candy volta

    i need a dining table that would seat 6 andcould expand to seat 20 is that possible

  • Katherine Bradford

    I Bought chairs that have arms at 27.5”. Your website shows the height of the dining tables however i need the height from the floor to the apron. For clearamce Do you have a table with a 28” clearance? Loved your store!

  • Penny

    Love love love your designs!!!!

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