5 Ways to Get your Easter Tablescape Hoppin' This Year

You may be hosting Easter dinner this year and if you are, we want you to leave a lasting impression on your guests with the thought and personal touch you add to this year's tablescape! Ever done an Easter tablescape before? It may be a new concept so we came up with 5 tips and ideas to get you started.

1. Skip the salad plate and add a fun nest!
Because who wants salad anyway? Give your table some focus by drawing the eye to the center of the plate with a round element. We love these little nests that we added to the center of our small Boxwood Wreath. We also added a straight-folded napkin under to continue adding layer and dimension to the table.
2. Add a playful runner (or 2!)
Lay it out plain! Adding a runner to your tablescape can do a few things: This paper runner can elongate your table and pull all the different elements together. It can also give some focus to whatever centerpiece you decide to place on top of it. Layer your runners if you're feeling adventurous!
3. Add placards for a personal touch
Make your guests feel special with these customizable placard holders. These paper topiaries are a fun way to complete the look of your table and give those out-of-town relatives a little direction in a playful way. Style on a plate or just next to the flatware on the placemats. 
4. Use your centerpiece to add some height
Up, up, and away! Don't be afraid to add some height to your centerpiece display. You can avoid that awkward "I can't see you but please pass the butter" situation by using a thinner plant option and vases so you can spread them along the length of the table. Adding height to your table can strangely make the room look larger by forcing the eyes up and away from the commotion of the tablescape and all the yummy food. 
5. More greens! More than that. Okay, now just a little more. Perfect.
Spring and Easter means fresh! Fresh air, fresh-baked bread, and fresh greenery and plants. Bring the outdoors in and add a little "fresh" to your table with preserved boxwoods. Some bonuses of adding boxwood plants to your tablescape are the vibrance and the versatility. Boxwood can literally be shaped into anything if you have mean hedge cutting/sculpting skills. Don't have a green thumb? No problem. Preserved boxwood can stay bright and live for up to 2-5 years with a little TLC. That's right, folks. You can pull them out again next year, yay! Make sure to tag us in your Easter tablescape pictures on social media so we can see how you flexed your creative muscle!

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