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HDC Handmade Christmas Goods

We are so thankful for the talented team we have here at Harp Design Co. Not only can the guys in the back build some incredible furniture, but our store clerk ladies sure have pitched in as well to create some amazing hand crafted items for our store front. Here is a look at a few of the items they’ve designed specifically for the holidays:

1. Kristin Crawford: Kristin is from Ohio and has been working with the Harps since the very beginning. She works as a store associate and ensures all merchandise is priced and branded. Kristin makes numerous products for our shop year-round, but has some new pieces she recently brought in for this Christmas season.

Wooden Deer Sign made from reclaimed pallet wood. Large statement piece to add to your festive decor!

Snowflake Sign hand crafted with yarn and reclaimed pallet wood. How fun!

Large Wooden Message Boards made from salvaged wood and perfect for displaying Christmas cards!

2. Brianna Sanders: Brianna just moved here from Louisiana and has been working with us the past 4 months, what a great asset she has been! She works in the store front and also plays a huge part in our shipping department. She creates our fun Wooden Block Ornaments that were just released a couple of weeks ago. She offers every letter of the alphabet and also some with fun sayings such as “HARP,” “MERRY,” and “HO HO HO.”


These two women, along with the rest of our team, are constantly thinking of unique pieces to add to our HDC line and putting their talent to good use. We want everyone who steps into our store front to have an enjoyable experience and be fascinated by the majority of our items that are handmade from reclaimed wood.

Thanks for joining us on this journey,

Demi Hodam & The Team at Harp Design Co

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